Collings Storage Ltd.

Secure self storage facilities offering 24 hour access.

When Can I Access My Goods?

You can access your goods when ever you like. You supply the padlock to your container therefore you control who has access to your goods. 

Are The Facilities Secure?

They most certainly are. The yard is covered by 24 hour recorded CCTV. Also every container has a lock box fitted under which you lock your padlock.

What Can I Store?

You can store what you like as long as

a; It's legal and

b; It doesn't include food or perishable goods, gas bottles or flammable liquids.

What Is The Cost Of A Container?

We charge £23 per week which works out to £99.67 per calendar month plus VAT. 

Once you pay for your first month you can access your container.  

You're rent is due one month in advance.

A copy of our Terms and Conditions are available.